Small Bathroom Ideas

Small Bathroom Design

When designing a small bathroom, the three most important criteria to consider are storage, lighting and color. In a small space, everything should be concealed behind closed doors, otherwise the room will look small, messy and cluttered. To achieve this goal, choose a vanity sink that has storage drawers or cupboards underneath to keep things like personal hygiene products and grooming devices.

For the maximum storage, opt for a vessel sink, which looks like a bowl and sits on top of the vanity. This will free up even more storage space beneath the sink. Over the sink, a large mirror with hidden storage will do double-duty by reflecting the space and making it look larger, while providing narrow shelves for things like medicines and lotions. Shelving over the toilet is the perfect place to store extra toilet paper, spare hand towels and facial tissues.

Proper lighting is important to keep the room from looking gloomy and dreary. A combination of task, general and natural lighting is ideal. Warm task lighting over the sink, in the form of decorative sconces or a lighting strip, provides concentrated light for shaving and make-up application. Multiple recessed overhead ceiling fixtures that are flush with the ceiling will work well for general lighting purposes. Natural lighting, if possible, is a major plus for the extra light, as well as to open up the small space. A skylight will visually enlarge the space, while windows at eye level allow for a scenic view.

Color is an important consideration. Darker colors tend to advance and close in, while lighter colors appear to recede. However, this does not mean that the room has to be stark white. As a matter of fact, white can appear cold and too sterile. Instead choose nice subtle, pale yet warm shade of blue, green, yellow or cream. Create a monochromatic color scheme, using varying shades and intensities of the same color, to create a sophisticated and unified look. Mosaic tile in the shower will add a punch of style without invading the rest of the room.

Avoid very bright colors, bold patterns and busy printed wall paper. Instead, create interest with some tasteful framed artwork or a simple shelf filled with clear glass vases or charming apothecary jars to hold things like cotton balls, q-tips and soap. With some advanced planning and creative storage solutions, small bathroom design is really quite simple.

Small Bathroom Ideas